Truck Accidents

Have You Been Injured in a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are a serious and often life-altering event that can occur on our roads and highways. Due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks, collisions involving these vehicles can result in catastrophic injuries and extensive property damage. At MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, we recognize the profound impact that truck accidents can have on the lives of those involved. With our deep understanding of the complexities surrounding truck accident cases, we are dedicated to helping victims seek the compensation they deserve and holding responsible parties accountable.

Our team of experienced attorneys specializes in handling truck accident claims and has a proven track record of successfully representing clients in these complex legal matters. We work diligently to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, gathering crucial evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, and any available surveillance footage. With our comprehensive knowledge of federal and state trucking regulations, we navigate the intricate details of truck accident cases to build strong legal strategies tailored to each client’s unique situation. Our compassionate approach combined with our legal expertise ensures that our clients receive the support they need while we fight vigorously for their rights and fair compensation.

Truck Accidents

Semi Truck Accidents Are Devistating

Truck accidents pose a significant threat on our roadways, and the statistics surrounding these incidents are concerning. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the United States, thousands of people are killed and tens of thousands are injured in accidents involving large trucks each year. The size and weight disparity between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles often result in severe injuries and fatalities.

One of the key factors contributing to truck accidents is driver error, which includes issues such as fatigue, distracted driving, speeding, and impaired driving. Commercial truck drivers have demanding schedules and face pressures to meet tight deadlines, which can lead to driver fatigue and increased risks on the road. Additionally, the size and maneuverability challenges of large trucks can make it more difficult for drivers to respond quickly to unexpected situations.

Another significant aspect of truck accidents is the potential involvement of multiple parties. Beyond the truck driver, other parties that may be held liable for a truck accident include the trucking company, the truck’s owner, maintenance providers, and even manufacturers in cases involving defective equipment or parts. Determining liability in truck accident cases requires a thorough investigation to identify all responsible parties.

At MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, we have extensive experience in handling truck accident cases. We understand the complexities involved in these claims and the need to build a strong case to establish liability. Our dedicated team works diligently to gather evidence, consult with experts, and negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. We are committed to seeking justice for those who have been injured or lost loved ones in truck accidents and pursuing the full compensation they deserve for their damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

How to Avoid Truck Accidents


Maintain a Safe Distance: Keep a safe following distance to allow for adequate reaction time.


Avoid Blind Spots: Stay out of a truck's blind spots and use caution when passing.


Be Cautious at Intersections: Exercise caution at intersections, especially when crossing in front of trucks.


Avoid Distracted Driving: Stay focused on the road and avoid distractions while driving.


Stay Alert for Turning Trucks: Be mindful of trucks making turns and give them plenty of space.

Truck Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, it is crucial to seek legal representation from experienced truck accident attorneys. Contact MacCloskey Kesler & Associates today for a confidential consultation. We are here to provide you with the guidance, support, and aggressive advocacy needed to navigate the complexities of truck accident claims and fight for your rights.

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