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Zac Cook

Since 2008

My name is Zac Cook, and I am an Illinois attorney and associate at a Rockford area firm who represents injured people who have rights to fair and lawful compensation. All of my clients deserve, and receive, the same respect and compassion. At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, our experience in the Rockford courts is unmatched.

I am dedicated to the idea of protecting the rights of my clients. As such, I am a member of, and regularly attend conferences for the following:

  • Collegiate Presidential Scholar
  • Winnebago County Bar Association
  • American Society of Legal Advocates
  • 17th District Arbitrator
  • Illinois State Bar Association

Experience You Can Trust

"Because of our experience, we get many calls from other firms asking what our opinion of the value of a case is in Rockford. At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, we know the value of your case and aren’t afraid to take it to trial and fight for your fair compensation."

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