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Kim MacCloskey
Paralegal / Pre-Litigation

A steadfast fixture in our litigation department, excels at client relations and robust case management. Her commitment to enhancing the client experience is integral to our team, ensuring every interaction is handled with care and professionalism.

Paralegal / Litigation Department

With a decade at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, I’ve grown from my initial role as a receptionist to now serving as a Legal Assistant in the Litigation Department, showcasing my commitment and adaptability within the firm and to our clients.

Paralegal / Litigation Department / Spanish Translation

Having been with the firm for nearly 2 years as a Paralegal in the Litigation Department, I assist in bridging communication gaps by translating calls and facilitating in-person appointments with our Spanish speaking clients, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout their legal journey.

Paralegal / Litigation Department

Felicia is a seasoned paralegal with over ten years in the legal field, currently pursuing a law degree. She assists with litigation and client communication. Outside work, she enjoys violin, boxing, darts, and family time with her daughter and dogs.

Kim MacCloskey
Paralegal / Litigation Department

With over 20 years of dedicated service as a paralegal, I specialize in personal injury cases, where my compassion and empathy shine through in my work. Handling the settlement process, I find great satisfaction in distributing settlement funds to our clients, ensuring a rewarding conclusion to their cases.

Kim MacCloskey
Legal Assistant / Pre-Litigation Department

Carol, a key player in our pre-litigation department, focuses on clear communication and meticulous preparation. Her dedication ensures clients are supported and informed throughout their legal journey, enhancing their overall experience.

Pre-Litigation / Spanish Translation

Our receptionist and Spanish translator, ensures seamless communication for all clients, including our Spanish-speaking ones. Her warm presence and precise attention to detail makes every client feel welcomed and understood from the first point of contact.

Paralegal / Pre-Litigation Department

As a Rockford native, I brought my extensive customer service experience to the firm 2 years ago. My role involves working closely with our clients to manage the payment of their medical bills through settlements, coordinating effectively with their health insurance and auto medpay to streamline the process.

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