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Just because an attorney rides a motorcycle doesn’t mean he or she knows motorcycle law better than any other lawyers who concentrate their practice in personal injury law.   Motorcycles are subject to the same rules of the road as every other motor vehicle in Illinois.   So if a lawyer knows the rules of the road, he or she knows the law as it applies to all motorized vehicles, including motorcycles.

The safest way to ensure you get the best representation possible when you are injured on a motorcycle is to hire a lawyer who has successfully handled motorcycle injury cases before, and who has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the law.  MacCloskeyKesler & Associates has represented thousands of people injured in all manner of motor vehicle incidents, including motorcycle collisions, here in Rockford and throughout Northern Illinois.   Our verdicts and settlements speak volumes about our experience and knowledge of this area of law.
There are three things that must be proven in all vehicle negligence situations.  First, you must prove that the other driver’s wrongful conduct (negligence) caused the collision.   This means that our first job is to prove that the other driver violated the rules of the road.   If you know motor vehicle law, you will have the knowledge and experience to know how to prove it was the other driver’s fault.   That is true regardless of the type of vehicle that the people involved are driving.
The second thing that must be proven is that someone was injured.   That will depend on the medical evidence generated by your medical providers, usually in the form of medical records.   The type of injuries sustained can run from the minor to the catastrophic.
The last and most important thing that must be proven is that the injuries sustained in the collision were legally caused by the wrongful conduct of the other driver.   That is the most important element that must be proven, and where an experienced lawyer is most valuable.   Did the violation of the rules of the road by the other driver cause your injury?   Were you actually injured by that conduct?   What injuries did you sustain because of that conduct?  Whether you ride a motorcycle or a pony has nothing to do with it.
After those things are proven, the next question becomes what is fair compensation for the nature and extent of those injuries that were caused by the other driver’s negligence?   What do other similarly injured people receive in the way of compensation for their injuries, once all the evidence is examined?   It takes an experienced lawyer to answer that question for you.
At MacCloskeyKesler & Associates, we know the law, because we have represented thousands of people injured in all manner of motor vehicle collisions, including motorcycle collisions.   So if you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle collision, give us a call for a free consultation at 815-965-2000.   Put our experience to work for you.