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A common question we get all the time is “how long will it take to settle my case?” The easy answer is that it depends on how long you require medical treatment.
Illinois law provides that when you are injured by someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to full and fair compensation for the nature and extent of your injury.  If you think about that, it becomes clear that a major factor in any compensation is the extent of your injury, which of course includes how long you require medical treatment.
After all, an injury that lasts a month is generally smaller than an injury the lasts a year, which is smaller than an injury that lasts a lifetime.  Injuries that result in permanent impairments require the greatest compensation.  With permanent injuries, however, we don’t have to wait a lifetime to settle those cases since doctors routinely can make that decision at some point within a reasonable amount of time, and document the permanency of the injury in their records.
We recently settled the car accident case for a client in approximately 13 months of the date of the injury.  He treated for his injuries for about 6 months and it took an additional 4 months for the bills to be paid by his health insurance.  He asked me why it took so long to settle his case.  I explained to him that we actually got the case settled very quickly, since we had to order the records from the medical providers, which can take 60 to 90 days, review them, and then send them to the insurance company.  Insurance companies routinely want 30 to 60 days to review them before they call us with an offer.  Then the offer is communicated to the client and, with the client’s input, we begin the negotiating process.   Once the bills were paid we were able to settle the case within 3 months.
We had a car accident case once where it was clear the other driver was at fault and that our client was severely injured to the point he would need major surgery.  There was a $100,000 policy at issue, which we were confident we would be able to get once the client was done with his treatment.  For some reason we had a falling out with the client, and he decided to hire a different lawyer, one who had helped a family friend with some family law issues.  It took that new lawyer 5 years to get the case resolved, even though the client was done treating within a year and a half.  To me, there was no excuse for taking three and a half years to resolve that case.
The moral of the story is, getting a case settled within 3 months from the last medical treatment for full value is very good legal work.  It takes a lot to get cases settled like that: experience, aggressiveness, legal knowledge, and a good reputation with the insurance companies against whom we fight these cases.  We have that at MacCloskey Kesler and Associates.
To be sure, not all cases can settle this quickly.  There may be additional medical records to get, bills to be paid, statements to get, a dispute about liability, or some other issue that comes up.  But more often than not we have the know how to get cases settled quickly for top dollar.
So if you’ve been severely injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, or injured in some other manner caused by someone else’s negligence, put our personal experience to work for you.  Call MacCloskey Kesler and Associates today for a free consultation at 815-965-2000.