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Talk of vaccines has likely peppered your social media feed for years. However, you may have noticed even more conversations about vaccines and patient education in the past few months. Social media sites have recently cracked down on certain groups that were passing unverified information as fact. One thing is certain: there is a lot of trepidation and uncertainty about vaccine debates lately.

However, another thing is clear as well: vaccine injuries do happen, and these injuries can be devastating for the person and their families.

This article will not be covering the vaccine-autism discussion. Instead, we will attempt to educate you about the realities of vaccine injury.

What is a vaccine injury?

Doctors give vaccines daily, and without major incident. Vaccines are like other medical interventions in that they are typically helpful and cause minor side effects. Unfortunately, a severe reaction to a vaccine does happen occasionally. These major side effects are considered a vaccine injury.

What are examples of a vaccine injury?

Vaccine injuries vary but are typically quite severe allergic reactions. Examples of vaccine injuries could include anaphylaxis, encephalitis, shoulder injury, chronic arthritis, or heart issues like syncope.

What financial help is available to someone with a vaccine injury?

The Health Resource and Services Administration has a National Vaccine Injury Compensation program in place. This program was started decades ago and strives to give people who were injured due to a vaccine financial assistance. While the program only covers certain vaccines, many of the “routine” vaccines are a part of the program.

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to a vaccine injury, you will need assistance on petitioning the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. The team at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates have years of experience working with clients just like you. We would be honored to hear your story and advocate on your behalf.

Give us a call today to tell us more about your situation. Together, we will develop a plan to get you the outcome you deserve.