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Our firm was founded to represent those who have been injured, or those who have had a family member become injured, due to misconduct or negligence of others.  Personal injury cases hold a special place in the history of our firm, and in the history of our founding attorney Kim MacCloskey. Representing those who have been injured is a passion of ours, and we have had decades of success giving our clients the compensation they deserve.

Have you been hurt in a Slip and Fall Accident?

The attorneys at MacCloskey Kesler and Associates have extensive experience working with clients to gain fair compensation for injuries from property owners or the insurance companies that represent them.  Slip and fall cases can be very difficult and many firms will not handle them.  Our firm is not afraid of these types of cases.

What can MacCloskey Kesler and Associates do for me?

The team at MacCloskey Kesler and Associates have seen, and worked on, a variety of scenarios and situations that constitute premises liability cases. People who have slipped on ice or snow outside of someone’s property can sometimes have a case for compensation, as can people who have hurt themselves on a slippery floor surface.

The property owner is responsible for keeping the interior and exterior parts of their property safe. Individuals that visit the property, and are acting responsibly, should remain safe while visiting. If not, and a fall or slip happens, injuries can be compensated by the property owner (or property insurance company).

Is my specific injury covered by premises liability?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slip and fall injuries account for 5% of the job-related fatalities for women and 11% for men.  Each year, falls account for over 8 million emergency room hospital visits.  Each situation is different, and we always recommend calling our office for a free consultation. During this time together, you will meet with an attorney and tell us about your situation. We will ask clarifying questions and determine if the owner of the property was negligent.

In some situations, the slip and fall happens at the individual’s workplace. In this scenario, our firm will work with you to follow up with Workers Compensation and determine if compensation is due via your employer.

Our attorneys are experienced in all types of personal injury law, including premises liability. We would be honored to represent you as you seek compensation for your injury. Time limits can apply to specific premises liability cases, so be sure to contact us today to get started.


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“We were founded in 1998 because we know what it’s like to be injured. We handle dozens of cases per month and have for decades. It takes time to have this much success for our clients. As partners, we guarantee that our associate attorneys, and ourselves, will perform all case tasks at the highest level of professionalism.“