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Have you ever been at home, or walking through the grocery store, when you slipped on something that caused you to fall? Or, perhaps you were walking your dog through your neighborhood and tripped on an uneven sidewalk that caused you to take a tumble? Slips, trips, and falls happen quite often and in a variety of settings. Here is what you need to know about this common accident and the injuries that can result from them.

Slipping and Falling at Work

Slipping and falling can happen while you are at work. While a majority of research into workplace falls centers around factory work and work in the healthcare field, the truth of the matter is that falls happen in every workplace, onsite and off. If you happen to fall at work, reporting it and following up with appropriate treatment is crucial to your workman’s compensation success. If you aren’t sure what your workplace falls prevention and worker’s compensation reporting guidelines are, now is an excellent time to follow up with your supervisor just to be sure you understand the process in case you ever need it.

Slips and Falls Can Cause Extensive Injury

Slipping and falling may bruise your ego a bit, but it can have even more serious physical complications. A fall at work, at home, or elsewhere can cause traumatic brain injury, broken bones, sprains or tendon tears, bruising and more. Even if you feel like you may not be sore or injured immediately following the fall, you are likely to feel it later. It’s generally wise to seek medical treatment after a fall to be sure you are addressing any complications sooner than later.

Work with an Experienced Attorney

Slips and falls that happen in the workplace or elsewhere, like the grocery store or a parking lot, can get complicated. Between insurance and other liability factors, you may quickly find yourself swimming in complicated paperwork or trying to work with less-than-helpful insurance employees. Instead of handling your compensation while trying to recover from your injury, choose to work with an experienced personal injury attorney instead.

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