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When you work with a personal injury attorney, communication is key. Staying up to date on your case and any developments can help you feel confident as your case moves forward. Further, your attorney should make you feel like you are always welcome to ask questions or check-in. Here are a few questions you should ask when working with a personal injury attorney.

Can I Call You If I Think of Any Other Details?

When you initially meet with and retain a personal injury attorney, you will spend time talking about your incident and situation. It can be overwhelming and you may not be able to recall or remember specific details until after your initial meeting. That’s okay! Your attorney should give you multiple ways to contact the office if you remember additional details you would like to share.

How Will I Find Out How My Case Is Going?

Each client has different preferences on how much they want to know about their case. You should feel comfortable that your attorney will keep you updated on as many – or as little – details as you would like.

Can You Share Information with My Partner/Designee?

If you are recovering in the hospital or at home, you may not have the endurance to work on every aspect of your case with your attorney. Ask if you can designate your partner or other trusted friend to be a liaison between you and your attorney as needed.

How Do You Think Things Are Going?

Personal injury litigation can take some time, especially if your case heads to trial. During this time, it is common to feel worried or anxious about the outcome. Your attorney should have extensive experience working with client cases similar to yours, and they can offer you some encouragement and feedback about how they think it is going so far. Candor with your attorney is a gift, and you should ask for guidance and feedback along the way.

Are There Resources That Can Help Me?

At MacCloskey, Kesler & Associates, we treat our clients like members of our extended family. We want you to get the compensation you deserve, as well as the resources you need to heal and feel your best. When you work with us, we can help connect you to local resources and support that could take some of the emotional and physical burdens of your injury off your plate.

If you or your loved one has been injured, work with an attorney that is experienced and ready to advocate for your best interests. Call the team at MacCloskey, Kesler & Associates today.