Surgical Malpractice

Surgical Error Attorney in Rockford, IL

Surgery is one of the areas where we must trust the medical professionals to not make any errors. However, surgeons are human beings too and inevitably mistakes happen. If we can find that surgical errors could have been prevented, then we can establish negligence and obtain financial compensation for your injury.

Types of Surgical Malpractice

Believe it or not, some examples of surgical negligence include:

  • Organs punctured that were not involved the designated procedure
  • Bones broken
  • Wrong limb worked on
  • Leaving surgical products inside your body
  • Severe infection
  • Burns

We need to prove that the judgement, communication, and diagnosis of the surgical team was negligent in order to obtain a settlement or verdict. Which means we must prove that the mistakes that took place, should “never happen.” If you have been injured during surgery, call us today at (815) 965-2000

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