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Our Philosophy

Since 1998, MacCloskey Kesler and Associates has been committed to advocating for clients who have been injured. Our team of experienced attorneys meet our clients in a time of crisis, and leverage our legal knowledge to develop a plan that will give our clients the compensation they deserve.

Locally Owned

Our firm is rooted in northern Illinois. We know the legal system of the courts in Rockford, including the judges and juries. Just like you would not ask for local directions from someone out of town or out of state, do not rely on an out-of-town attorney to guide you through the local legal system. We have been rated best in Rockford several times for a reason. Chicago and out of state firms do not even make the list.

Recognized Reputation

Throughout Northern Illinois, MacCloskey Kesler and Associates has made a positive name for itself. Judges, clerks, clients and other attorneys know our team and our commitment to the people we represent. Insurance companies know we will put up a fight to give our clients the best outcome possible. Our firm was voted best Personal Injury lawyer in 2016 and 2017.

Compassionate and Fearless

Finally, we are committed to providing our clients with guidance during a time of crisis. We are compassionate and empathetic. However, we are also fearless in our litigation strategy. Our attorneys are not intimidated by insurance companies or national law firms who aim to only give our clients the bare minimum. We have a demonstrated record of choosing to go to trial instead of settling outside of court because we know our clients, and their injuries, are worth more than the bare minimum. Our clients deserve the best outcome possible, and we will do what it takes to get you the results you deserve.

Reputation means everything, and we are proud of ours.

If you are injured, you need an attorney who knows the local system, has the respect of the legal community and is not afraid to advocate for your best interests. You need MacCloskey Kesler and Associates.

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