multimillion-dollar-advocate-fullPersonal injury attorneys Kim MacCloskey and Phil Kesler have been members of the prestigious Multi -Million Dollar Advocates Forum since 2012.   In order to be named to this forum, Kim and Phil were required to show that they acted as Principle Counsel in one or more cases that resulted in a final Judgment, award or settlement in favor of their client in the amount of two million dollars or more.
The initial case that brought such recommendation was tried in December, 2006.  Kim and Phil tried this case in DeKalb County, Illinois, which involved a 48 year old man who was hit by a pickup truck on a rural highway in northern Illinois several years earlier. He sustained a traumatic amputation of his left leg at the scene, multiple fractures to his left (dominant) arm, rib fractures, and a fractured neck.  He would have bled to death at the scene had a nurse not been there to apply a tourniquet literally within minutes.  He later developed compartment syndrome requiring surgeries on both arms, and underwent over 20 surgeries in all and had over one million dollars in medical bills.   He injured his vocal cords and could barely talk, which made it very difficult to teach his classes at the High School where he was employed, but through hard work he was able to resume teaching.  The $6.2 million verdict included $750,000 for his wife’s loss of consortium, which was just short of a DeKalb County record.
It is an honor to be members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and to be recognized for our hard work in bringing this case to a successful verdict.