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At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, we focus our practice on cases involving those injured in motor vehicle accidents, and motorcycles are a big part of that.

Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Excessive Speed

Going too fast when riding a bike leads to accidents. Speeding accounts for roughly 1 in 8 crashes. While riders do enjoy individual freedom during their travels, they should undoubtedly slow down if they want to keep the roadways safe.

Left Turns

It’s a strange fact, but more accidents occur by motorcyclists taking left turns than all other types of collisions. The truth is, oncoming traffic doesn’t see the small size of a biker, and when they cross-traffic with a left turn, they get hit.

Drinking and Driving

When a motorcycle rider drinks alcohol, they lose the motor functions necessary to ride safely. 44% of all motorcycle accidents are single person tip-overs, and these can cause serious injury, especially if the person is under the influence.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Illinois

Department of Transportation, the total number of people involved in motorcycle accidents (including occupants of the other vehicle) is over 8,000. That is an incredibly high number considering the motorcycle riding season is usually less than half the year in the midwest. Of those involved in these accidents, if you think about the lower level of safety in a motorcycle, you can see why thousands of people are injured, and hundreds die every year while riding motorbikes. While only 1.2% of the total number of motor vehicle accidents involve motorcycles, a staggering 13% of all accidents are injured bike riders. This means you are TEN times more likely to suffer an injury from a crash while riding a motorcycle.

Types of Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

For riders in the Rockford area, a motorcycle isn’t just a form of transportation, but also a part of their lifestyle. Many of our friends and family members in this region are motorcycle enthusiasts. But when they get injured from a crash, it tragically affects all of us. Below are the types of injuries from motorcycle crashes:

  • Brain Trauma – Illinois does not require motorcycle operators or passengers to wear a safety helmet. For this reason, when a biker has a collision or falls over, their heads are unsafe. While it is not a law, if you’re going to ride a bike, you should wear a helmet.
  • Spinal Injury – One of the most sensitive and irreparable parts of the human body is the spine. Being thrown from a motor vehicle, or smashing into another car or object at high speeds is very dangerous for the back and neck.
  • Broken Bones – Broken bones are likely to occur when in a motorcycle accident. While many broken bones heal over time, the pain from multiple compound fractures, as are often involved in these types of crashes, may take years to mend.
  • Road Rash – This occurs when a motorcycle rider slides on the pavement of the road. This is a skin removing, burning, and cutting injury and can leave a rider disfigured or worse. It is recommended to wear leather head-to-toe in case a slide occurs.

What to do if you’re in a Motorcycle Accident

The moments following your crash are the most crucial period if you are planning to pursue a personal injury claim because winning relies on the steps you take after the accident:
Seek immediate medical attention – You may have injuries that you cannot see.
Obtain a copy of the police report – They will record all facts about the scene from all parties involved.
Snap photos and videos – With your smartphone, obtain pictures at the scene. Be sure to include damaged property, skid marks, injuries, and other factors like snow or rain that might not be there later.
Record your care – Keep track of your treatment and rehab, including medicines, doctors visits, and examinations.
Record your time off – Keep track of days missed at work, ask supervisors or human resource teams for records.
Keep quiet – Do not give statements to insurance companies (in fact, do not talk to anyone unless you have consulted with a Rockford motorcycle accident lawyer)
Be patient – Do not accept a settlement offer from an insurance company. They will be contacting you right away, and you don’t know what your case is worth until you’ve spoken to an attorney.

Do you need to hire a Rockford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

You can file a personal injury claim on your own. However, your chances of winning the case and recovering fair compensation for your pain, suffering, time off, medical expenses, and property damage are meager without representation. Call (815) 965 -2000 if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident.


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