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Mass Tort Legal Services in Rockford, IL

A mass tort is a lawsuit involving numerous plaintiffs against one defendant. This means multiple parties are initiating a case against one person or business because they’ve all received a similar financial injury or physical harm from the same act. Examples of these civic actions include prescription drug harm, medical device malfunction, defective product liabilities, a train or airplane crash, toxic contamination, and construction disasters. At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, we have experience with mass tort cases to help you win your case.

How Do Mass Tort Cases Work?

When a company injures or harms a lot of people with a similar act, a lot of lawsuits will be brought against the company. These cases often become well-publicized and make headlines. Because of the sheer manpower required to hear, try, and settle what could be very many cases for the same harmful act, these types of cases are typically bundled at Federal and then State levels. These cases require complex skills for the law firm. It takes understanding and sophisticated knowhow to win, and it takes time to have case studies administered, authorities contacted, witnesses and experts need to be interviewed and we have the resources to handle your mass tort case.

What Types of Tort Cases Do We Handle?

Most cases fall into the following categories:

  1. Prescription Drugs
  2. Product Liability
  3. Toxic Contamination

While there are many mass tort cases that we help clients with, the most popular are mesothelioma from asbestos contamination, talc powder and ovarian cancer in women, Roundup and cancer connections, Essure Birth Control hazards, 3M earplugs dangers, automotive airbag failure, and tattoo parlor disease/infection spread.

Mass Tort Legal Services in Rockford, IL

At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, if you’ve been injured by a widely known drug, product, or contamination – or perhaps you know someone involved in a train or airplane crash – please contact us at (815) 965-2000 right away.

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