What qualifications should you look for in a lawyer to represent you if you are injured in an accident?  How do you know if the lawyer you are considering is the right one for you?
All lawyers say they are experienced, and they’ve represented many clients before in similar accidents with similar injuries.  All lawyers will tell you they know the law, and know what evidence they need to prove your case.   Many will tell you they’ve handled cases against a particular insurance company or corporation, and tried dozens of cases just like yours in the county where your accident occurred.
But is there anything that sets the lawyer you are considering apart from all the rest?
Attorney Kim MacCloskey was severely injured in a gas explosion at his home in 1954 that was caused by the negligent conduct of the gas company.   His mother was killed and his father was severely burned.  Kim has lived with that experience every day since he was two years old.  He knows what it’s like to be severely injured, and knows what it’s like to have family members killed and injured by someone else’s conduct.  He knows what it’s like to live with the aftermath of that incident, and with the aftermath of the eventual legal outcome that his family’s lawyer was able to secure.
Kim has been an accident and injury lawyer in Northern Illinois for over 25 years.  He has tried dozens of cases in Rockford and the surrounding counties of Northern Illinois (including Cook County).  He has represented thousands of people who have been injured in car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, explosions, dog bites, fall downs, and virtually every other type of accident you can imagine.
So when you’re considering hiring a lawyer for your accident or injury case, why not talk to Kim?  Kim has that extra experience, and he knows what it’s like, personally, to be severely injured.   You could say that Kim is uniquely qualified to represent people in accidents and injury cases.  He knows what it’s like, and after all this time, he certainly knows what to do about it.