There are lots of lawyers out there who claim to be Personal Injury lawyers. Many lawyers have experience in this area of law and are very good lawyers.   However, there are some so called Personal Injury lawyers who, on their own time, are involved in activities designed to change laws that protect consumers’ and workers’ rights, and support groups whose stated goal is to eliminate peoples’ right to seek damages for injuries altogether.
Kim MacCloskey has been a strong advocate for the rights of ordinary people for over 25 years. His advocacy for the rights of the injured has gone far beyond his profession as a personal injury lawyer. Kim has been very outspoken in favor of workers’ rights and consumer rights, and has written numerous Guest Columns and Letters to the Editor of the local Rockford, Illinois, newspaper in support of those rights.
Kim’s support for victims’ rights has been unwavering throughout his career, and not just when he’s in the office working. He believes to his core in those victims’ rights guaranteed in our State and Federal Constitutions, and he does not shrink from showing the courage of his convictions to push the matter in the public forum.
Doesn’t it make sense to hire a lawyer who actually believes in the cause of justice for victims of negligence, and isn’t afraid to speak out for those rights, even if those in power will hold it against him? Kim is not afraid to stand up for victims who may feel powerless, even if he has not been hired to do that in a specific case, and even if it costs him some personal popularity.
There is more to life than simply doing what you’ve been hired to do. Some things are just the right thing to do. Kim truly believes that standing up for the rights of injured people is the right thing to do.
So if you’ve been injured or hurt at work and want to hire a lawyer who will be on your side 24/7, call Kim MacCloskey at MacCloskeyKesler & Associates for a free consultation.   It’s what we do.