Florida Woman Awarded $100,000 After Starbucks Coffee Burn


Florida Woman Awarded $100,000 After Starbucks Coffee Burn

A woman from Florida named Joanne Mogavero suffered severe burns from the lid popping off her Starbucks coffee cup in 2014.  A jury was told the story of the displaced lid, and her lawyers argued that Starbucks should warn its customers that lids can fall off.

The jury awarded Ms Mogavergo $85,000 for pain and suffering and $15,000 for medical bills.

The incident occurred in a drive-through outlet in Jacksonville, FL as she took her drink from the barista and the lid popped off during the exchange.

Lawyers said “Our client didn’t want sympathy from the jury, she wanted justice, and the jury gave it to her with this verdict.”  Her legal team also submitted testimony from a Starbucks rep that testified that the local chain gets about 80 complaints per month about lids falling off, or leaking.  Starbucks maintains they still did nothing wrong, and their cups and lids are strong.  The jury thought otherwise.

Starbucks Lawsuit $100,000

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