First Wave of Covid Death Lawsuits Filed


First Wave of Covid Death Lawsuits Filed

Families of the essential workers across the country are filing the first wave of Covid death lawsuits.  Their loved ones contracted lethal cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) while on the job, and a the lawyers of the families are set out to show that the risks of reopening workplaces without proper safety restrictions is the direct and negligent cause of their deaths.

Who is being sued?

Walmart Inc., Tyson Foods Inc., Safeway Inc. and many health care facilities are among the largest employers that are being sued for gross negligence or wrongful death from Covid.  The pandemic began in the first quarter of 2020, and many essential employees never got any time off for employers to provide their workers with PPE (personal protective equipment), and cleaning supplies like hand sanitizer, bleach wipes and so on.

Covid 19 Worker Deaths Lawsuit

What are the families saying?

The families of the loved ones who perished from Covid-19 contend that the employers not only failed to provide for and protect their workers, but beyond that – they say they were forced to continue working even after complaining about unsafe conditions.  The exact details of each case are unknown, as this is just the first wave of lawsuits, but we suspect there will need to be rigorous detailing of the safety accounts in order to prove financial compensation is deserved.

Can MacCloskey Kesler help?

We have decades of experience helping families right here in the Rockford area.  If your loved one died from unsafe work conditions, please call us at (815) 965-2000.  Keep in mind that as the first wave of lawsuits are being filed, we do not know how judges will rule on these cases.  Do not assume that because you lost a loved one to this pandemic, that their employer owes you.  These cases will need time to see which employers are truly negligent, and which deaths were wrongful.  But, as always – MacCloskey Kesler and Associates offers free consultations and we treat all of our clients with respect and compassion in your horrible time of loss.

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