Exacthech Knee Replacement Lawsuit

What to Know About the Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuits

exactech knee replacement

The Exactech knee is a type of artificial knee made by Zimmer Biomet that has been linked to numerous complications. There are several types of Exactech knees, known as Revision, Revision TW, Gemini and Mercury knees. These different models all have the same design flaw: They do not fit properly inside the patient’s thighbone. If you have received an Exactech artificial knee and are now experiencing serious side effects, you should contact a personal injury lawyer before filing a claim. According to DrugWatch.com There are several Exactech knee replacement lawsuits currently underway in different states. These lawsuits involve many plaintiffs who were injured by this medical device due to its faulty design. Here is what you need to know about these lawsuits.

Which States Have Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuits?

There are currently lawsuits in the following states: – California – 69 plaintiffs are seeking compensation for pain, suffering and medical bills due to Exactech knees that did not fit properly. – Florida – Eighty-two plaintiffs are pursuing legal action against Zimmer Biomet, which is the parent company of Exactech. – Indiana – Sixty-two patients are seeking damages for injuries related to Exactech knees that failed to fit properly. – Nevada – Forty-five residents are filing Exactech lawsuits to seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering. – New Jersey – A total of forty-three residents are pursuing legal action against the Exactech knee design. – New York – More than sixty residents have filed lawsuits against Zimmer Biomet. – Tennessee – Forty-four residents are pursuing legal action to seek compensation for their injuries. – Texas – A total of thirty-six patients are filing Exact-Tech lawsuits. – Virginia – A total of forty-two residents are suing Zimmer Biomet for damages. – Wisconsin – Twenty-four residents are seeking compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Common Complications Caused By the Exactech knee

The Exactech knee was intended to alleviate pain and improve mobility for patients who have suffered from arthritis or other conditions that can lead to debilitating knee pain. Unfortunately, the Exactech knee has been associated with numerous side effects, including: – Worsening of arthritis symptoms: Patients who received a knee replacement that did not fit properly may experience even more joint pain. – Inability to walk unassisted: Patients who received an Exactech knee may not be able to walk without assistance or use stairs. – Infection and blood clot formation: Patients who received an Exactech knee may be more likely to develop infections and blood clots. – Inability to work: Patients who received an Exactech knee may be forced to change professions or retire early due to their knee pain and limited mobility. – Death: In extreme cases, Exactech knee recipients may even die from the complications caused by the device. – Complications from revision surgery: If you are receiving a new knee, you may be at risk for complications from surgery. – Inability to have another knee replacement: Patients who received an Exactech knee may have to live with the pain for the rest of their lives.

How Did Exactech Know About the Design Flaw?

The Exactech knee was first manufactured in 2007 with the model Revision. At that time, the device was not properly tested for fit, meaning that it had not been tested in real patients to determine if it fit properly inside the thighbone. – During the device testing, no X-rays were used to ensure that the knee was correctly positioned, which indicates that the device was not tested in real patients. – Exactech representatives, including the CEO, knew that the company was not conducting proper testing and did nothing to address this issue. – Exactech executives also knew that the company was hiring faulty doctors to conduct the device testing, but they did nothing to address the problem.

What Should I Do If I Received an Exactech Knee?

If you received an Exactech knee and are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your legal options. – You should also reach out to your doctor to report any potential complications from your Exactech knee. – It is best to contact a personal injury attorney before filing a lawsuit to discuss your case.

MacCloskey Kesler and Associates law firm can help.

If you or a loved one received one of these medical products and are now experiencing complications like those listed above, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately for an Exactech knee replacement lawsuit attorney. At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, our team of experienced attorneys will thoroughly investigate your medical records, interview your doctors and speak with you to determine the best course of action for your case. We are committed to achieving justice for our clients who were harmed by the Exactech knee. Call us today at (815) 965-2000 to learn more about our Exactech knee replacement lawsuits. MacCloskey Kesler and Associates has experience with these types of lawsuits and can help you today.

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