According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 60% of women of reproductive age use some type of birth control. While most birth control methods are relatively safe for the women who use them, there have been types that have unfortunately caused unwanted side effects or dangers for women.

The Essure device is one such case, where a company ended up seriously injuring the women who turned to the device for their preferred method of birth control.

What was Essure?

Essure was a birth control implant that came into the American market in 2002. It was manufactured by Bayer and used by many women. Problems and concerns began surfacing as early as 2016. While Bayer chose to stop selling the device outside of the United States in 2017, it did not pull the device from America until mid-2018.

What were injuries caused by Essure?

Unfortunately, women who used Essure were at an increased risk for serious health complications and side effects. The general injuries sustained by women who used Essure include pelvic pain, autoimmune diseases, and perforated injuries. Here at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates, we are currently working with clients who have had to have hysterectomies due to injuries and complications caused by Essure.

What happens now?

The Essure birth control device had serious problems and the implant was not pulled in enough time to reduce the risk for the women who used it. There is currently a major lawsuit to hold Bayer accountable for medical costs and compensation for women injured by Essure.

If you used the Essure device and have experienced complications, now is the time to contact the team at MacCloskey Kesler & Associates. We are working hard for our clients who were injured due to Essure and can provide you with the individualized attention that a nationwide firm can simply not provide.

Give us a call to tell us more about your situation, or to inquire if you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries or conditions caused by Essure. We promise to work hard for you and to get you a positive outcome.