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Motorcycle Accident Settlements

Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents in Rockford

While motorcyclists were only involved in 1.1% of Illinois accident statistics, they accounted for 15.4% of all fatal crashes. This is a terrifying statistics if you ride a motorcycle in Rockford, IL. Our geographic location, weather patterns and seasonal length contribute to these accidents, as a rider can get caught in bad weather – like icy roads in late Fall or early Spring, or a rain storm. Another contributing factor to motorcycle accidents is drinking alcohol before riding. Nearly 14% of those tested in fatal motorcycle crashes had a positive blood alcohol content (BAC).

Types of Maneuvers that Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Of the 3,326 total motorcycle accidents in 2017 over half of them (1,796) lost control while going straight ahead. While driving straight ahead doesn’t seem like a maneuver, it is listed as one on the Illinois Department of Transportation’s crash facts sheet. Driving straight ahead accidents occur from vehicle or driver malfunction – such as falling asleep, not paying attention, a flat tire or other failure. The next most common maneuver is skidding or losing control with 361 crashes. These causes are followed by making left or right hand turns (275). Lastly, a common maneuver to be hit is being stopped or stuck in traffic (269).

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

There are some fairly simple ways to prevent motorcycle accidents, and there are also some complicated ways. Below you’ll see our list of tips to prevent motorcycle accidents in Rockford:

  • Check the weather in advance – never ride your motorcycle if the road conditions won’t be ideal.
  • Never drink and drive – under any circumstances.
  • Plan your route to not be stopped in traffic.
  • Wear your helmet and leathers to prevent injury should an accident occur.
  • Use proper signalling in an effort to always be seen.
  • Drive slowly, and make few turns / lane changes.

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