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Client Experiences

Below you can read some personal stories from clients of the law firm.  We respect our clients, and treat them like we would our family.  

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Client Experiences

Injured in a collision with no witnesses. When Maria and her daughter were injured in a car accident, there were no witnesses—and the other driver tried to place the blame entirely on Maria. She wasn’t sure where to turn for guidance, when a friend recommended MacCloskey Kesler based on their experience in this area. Maria’s biggest hope was that the other party would accept their responsibility and pay for her and her daughter’s medical expenses. This seemed quite doubtful, since the other party blamed her and wanted to take the case to court. The MacCloskey Kesler team leveraged a good settlement for Maria that meant the other party accepted her responsibility, paid the medical expenses, and provided Maria and her daughter additional financial compensation. The final outcome was even better than Maria had hoped; “I felt really safe with the MacCloskey Kesler team because they kept me informed every step of the way, and even gave me options. They also let me know what I could expect throughout the entire process, which was very reassuring.” – Maria

Husband and wife Tommy and Evelyn turned to MacCloskey Kesler for guidance after being injured during their aunt’s funeral procession. The couple didn’t know what to expect, but from the beginning, Kim created a path for them. Kim and the team carefully tended every detail of Tommy and Evelyn’s case, ensuring that they report every detail of their injuries, explaining everything in easy-to-understand terms and following through with Evelyn’s doctor to fully grasp the extent of her injuries. “Kim worked for us—he let us know what he thought we were entitled to, he went for it and we got the maximum amount.” – Tommy. “Our experience was worry-free. It’s a comfortable, family-like atmosphere with real, everyday people who really care about doing the right thing.” – Evelyn

Injured in a collision. Caitlin’s parents turned to Kim and Phil after their daughter was involved in a car crash at the age of ten. Kim and Phil worked to provide strong evidence against the other driver, winning the case, and winning Susie the ability to provide the treatment her daughter needed. “When we went in and talked to Kim and Phil…it was like someone took a load off our shoulders.” – Susie

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