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When you are seeking compensation for a personal injury or wrongful death event, you are thrust into a legal world that you may not have known about before. It is overwhelming to attempt to contend with large insurance companies on your own, and having an experienced attorney by your side can increase the chance of a positive outcome (as well as alleviate quite a bit of your stress). However, even the most experienced attorney can be timid to take your case all the way into a courtroom. Are you missing out if you don’t go in front of a judge?

Why don’t cases go to trial?

Most personal injury and wrongful death cases do not go to trial. In fact, some statistics demonstrate less than 10% of cases like yours make it into a courtroom. Why is this? Mainly, attorneys for the injured and for the defendants prefer to solve the matter before it goes to trial.

Trials can be expensive and require extra staff time. Attorneys will need to be on their game, arguing their case live in front of a judge and jury. Many attorneys prefer to keep their arguing in a boardroom and out of court.

Should my case go to trial?

Every case is different, but it is important to seek out an attorney that is not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary. When you search for an attorney to represent you, assure you find one that has a recent track record of success in the courtroom as well as in pretrial settlements. If you have an attorney who is too timid to go to trial, you may not receive the compensation you ultimately deserve.

At MacCloskey Kesler and Associates, we have a serious track record of successful outcomes for our clients – in and out of court. We have found that going to trial is necessary in many cases in order to get the maximum compensation for those we represent. We are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with insurance companies in a courtroom, and we are ready to guide you through that process as well.

Give us a call today to tell us more about your situation. We would love to partner with you to give you a positive outcome.