No Soliciting from AttorneysBelieve it or not, lawyers are held to a strict set of ethical rules that they must follow or they could be sanctioned.   Sanctions, if issued,  can be anything from a written warning to a revocation of a lawyer’s license.
In Illinois, it is unethical for a lawyer to contact you personally about a potential injury claim unless the lawyer represented you before, is a family member or a close personal friend.   If you have been injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, and a lawyer you don’t know calls you on the phone, or has their “investigator” call you on the phone, be aware they are potentially engaging in unethical behavior.  And if that lawyer is acting unethically before you even hire them to represent you, what does that tell you about the kind of representation you can expect from them?
Here in the Northern Illinois area, we have heard of many instances where an injured person has received an unsolicited telephone call from a lawyer they don’t know or that lawyer’s representative shortly after being injured.   Some of these calls come from out of state lawyers, who send a non-lawyer “investigator” to talk to you.   The goal of this meeting is to get you to sign a Retainer Agreement for them to represent you.   Once you sign a Retainer with them, they will likely receive a fee regardless of the quality of the representation and even if you fire them later.
At MacCloskeyKesler & Associates, we don’t make unsolicited phone calls to injury victims, and we don’t use “investigators” to meet with you.   When you meet with us for a free initial consultation, you meet with a lawyer, not a paralegal or “investigator”.   When we give you advice, it is advice you can count on.  We have heard of instances where an “investigator” gives advice that is just plain wrong.   Needless to say, it can be damaging to your rights and to your settlement to rely on advice from a non-lawyer that turns out to be bad advice.
So if you’ve been injured in any manner of vehicle accident, call us at 815-965-2000 for a free consultation.   You will meet with a lawyer, not some “investigator” with questionable credentials.   You can rest easy knowing that the advice you get will be good advice, based on Illinois law, and the experience gained from representing thousands of other people who have been hurt just like you.