Illinois Law Book & GavelAll lawyers say they are experienced, but what does that really mean?    In a personal injury setting, it should mean that your lawyer has encountered cases just like yours many times before.
The practice of law is just that, practice.   When someone graduates from law school and passes the bar exam, they can call themselves a lawyer.    But that is a far cry from being an experienced personal injury lawyer.    Experience is a hard fought for commodity.  Experience only comes after many years of frustratingly hard work and after many cases are successfully tried and settled.   There is simply no substitute for having actual experience handling similar cases.   Every case that is handled makes a good lawyer smarter and better able to handle a similar case in the future.
At MacCloskeyKesler & Associates, we concentrate our practices in personal injury law and have done so for decades.    We have handled cases for virtually every imaginable type of personal injury.    We have extensive experience in car accidents, having handled thousands of cases for all manner of collisions, and tried dozens of such cases to verdict.   It is doubtful that there is a type of collision scenario which we have not tried to verdict.
But our experience doesn’t end there.   In addition to representing people injured in automobiles and other motor vehicles, we have represented people hurt on bicycles, motorcycles, or simply crossing the street.  We have prosecuted hundreds of fall down/premises liability cases, dog bites and cases involving other types of injuries.  We have prosecuted cases against trucking companies, bus companies, landlords, stores, major corporations, cities, municipal entities, park districts, counties, police departments and any other legal entity imaginable.
This particular experience is extremely helpful because we know what can happen in a lawsuit against these kinds of entities, and we know what to look for in the way of evidence and know the defenses that will be raised.   More importantly, we know Illinois law, because we are from Illinois, we live here, have studied here and practiced here, and handled thousands of cases here.   All state laws are different, and we concentrate our practice in Illinois personal injury law.
Don’t buy into claimed experience.  Expect real experience.  Demand it.  Don’t be afraid to ask a prospective attorney about his or her experience.   There is no substitute for that experience.   Simply because people can call themselves lawyers doesn’t mean they have experience.   MacCloskeyKesler & Associates has personal injury experience like no other firm in Northern Illinois.   Put our experience to work for you.