Beware of Dog AttacksBased on our experience, dog attacks and dog bites appear to be on the rise.   Since Kim MacCloskey started practicing law, the number of cases involving dog bites and attacks has risen dramatically.   Additionally, the severity of the bites has increased.  Gone are the days when your neighbor’s Collie nips you while playing with her; now, people are being attacked from behind locked fences, through closed doors, and even when trying to adopt pets at shelters.
There are all manner of bites too, from small bites on the hand to vicious maulings where emergency medical personnel work feverishly to staple the wounds shut.   And it is not just the stereotypically “mean” dogs that attack and bite, but all kinds of dogs.  We even represented one man who was attacked at an animal shelter by a dog who had been confiscated from a drug house, which dog was actually shot while trying to attack a police officer during a drug raid.
You can also recover for injuries sustained in a dog attack even if you are not bitten.   Illinois law is clear that if someone sustains an injury in an attack, being knocked down or tripped or otherwise injured, the owner or harborer of that dog can be held legally liable.
Additionally, the law allows for recovery for all manner of animal attacks and bites; you don’t necessarily have to be attacked or bitten by a dog.   As you might imagine, incidents involving dogs are by far the most common.
At MacCloskeyKesler and Associates, we have experience in all types of dog attacks and bite cases, from the most minor to the horrific.  We know the law regarding dog or other animal attacks and bites, and know what must be proven to recover compensation under Illinois law.   We will leave no stone unturned to recovery the compensation you deserve.
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